Accademia del Vino Returns to Undici

The Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series is Back!

Accademia del Vino Winter Sessions

Tickets for the Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series must be purchased over the phone, and cannot be purchased online in any way.

Because of the tremendous demand for Accademia del Vino seats, reservations cannot be made for groups of more than four people.  The price per ticket is $39, plus tax and 10% gratuity.  Confirmation requires a credit card number that will be charged upon confirmation of your ticket purchase.  There will no refunds, however if you are unable to attend the session you purchased tickets for, we can apply your ticket purchase to a future session.

Fireside Tasting at Undici

Undici's Lovely Fireplace

By our count, the average temperature in the first two weeks of 2010 falls somewhere around 24.4°F.  And while that is still above freezing, we know some of you have the wintertime blues, especially considering most of you haven’t seen Victor since the last Accademia del Vino tasting in December, and probably miss him greatly by now.  Victor and the Accademia del Vino Winter Session will be back in February, but until then, we have a special little event to melt away those wintertime blues.

This Monday, January 18th, we will be hosting a free, informal wine tasting of Di Lupo Chianti around our fireplace from 5 to 7pm.  And to keep you warm long after the tasting, we will be selling cases of the Di Lupo Chianti for the special one-time price of $90 a case.  We have only 25 cases, which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  As always, Victor Rallo, Jr. and Anthony Verdoni aka “The Professor” will be there to share a glass with you, talk wine, and visit during this cold, wine lecture-less month.

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Anthony Verdoni “The Professor” on Di Lupo Chianti

Delicious Di Lupo Chianti

Chianti, like Bordeaux, is not one wine but 1,000 wines. Vintage varies from hillside to hillside. Quality, price, and style range from the moderate to the ultra. The DOCG zone for Chianti is vast, skirting the important Tuscan cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, and Prato, as well as the hillside hamlets of Montalcino, Montepulciano, and Montespertoli.

So where does Di Lupo Chianti fit in? It was born on the sunny hills of Pisa within sight of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The pleasant maritime effect, in the area where the Maremma and Chianti meet, softens and sweetens the fruit, yielding a dry yet round red wine. No international varietals are used — only 90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo Rosso. The oak is large Slavonian, not small French, and the wood aging is short term, fewer than 6 months. The result is a fruity, traditional Chianti, where you feel the varietal character of the Sangiovese minus its power and grandeur.

Di Lupo is a typical Chianti, true to its Tuscan code. You can drink it often with a great range of food, from pizza and pasta to steaks and chops. Enjoy it young and fresh. You may just choose to howl like the wolf on the label.

Wine of the Week – Re Manfredi Bianco

This week, we take a look at Re Manfredi Bianco with Anthony Verdoni (AKA “The Wine Professor”) & Victor Rallo Jr. (“The Tasso”).

Anthony Verdoni (AKA “The Wine Professor”)
Overall quality: A
Value: B+

On Re Manfredi Bianco Basilicata 2008: “This delicious dry white hails from the foothills of an extinct volcano, Mt. Vulture, in the rugged Lucanian Apennines. This is the South; but it is not hot. Altitude and breezes make the area one of Italy’s coldest. Basilicata is famous for the red Aglianico wine, which has thrived in the black soil of the region since at least 650 B.C. More recently, however, there have been a few white varietals that have exhibited a lot of promise and class.

Re Manfredi Bianco is a blend of Müller-Thurgau and Traminer, two varieties more closely associated with points farther north. Müller-Thurgau is a cross varietal, consisting of Riesling and Chasselas. The wine shows an abundance of pineapples, melons, and mangos. It also exhibits rich body and a complex fragrance, which beautifully masks the tasty, almost biting, minerality. This Bianco is a fresh, original winner with personality and charm. It is perfect with seafood, white meats, or by itself. Thank you, Re Manfredi.”

Victor Rallo, Jr. (“The Tasso”)
Overall quality: A
Value: A

“When this distributer asked us to taste some of his Italian portfolio, I thought to myself not another Tuesday Tasting with Tony (TTT) with average mundane wines. Maybe that is not the mindset to walk-in to a tasting with, but that’s me and I tell the truth.

This is the first wine we tasted and could have been the last it was that good. Italian white wines need to be fresh, crisp, and mildly acidic and still be true to the varietal character of the grape. Well Re Manfredi Bianco has all that and more. The fruit is so abundant in the nose, yes tropical fruit that makes the wine sweet with its first splash on your tongue and yet finishes dry and crisp. Perfetto!!! A grilled piece of Branzino drizzled with good extra virgin olive oil a squeeze of lemon and some sautéed greens with a glass of Re Manfredi Bianco and I guarantee a beautiful experience.”