Best Pizza in Monmouth County Announced

When Red Bank-area residents think of pizza, recently the first thing that usually comes to mind is fresh Italian ingredients cooked to crisp perfection thanks to the restaurant who has pizza making down to a fine art, Undici Taverna Rustica.

Best Pizza in New JerseyUndici Restaurant is known for having the best pizza in New Jersey, and after the recent Asbury Park Press article featuring Undici’s rustic pizza, it is no secret why residents continue to hail Undici as the best.

Besides its rustic Italian interior, Undici owner, Victor Rallo, has a classic Italian centerpiece, a wood burning brick oven. Italian brick pizza ovens are a staple in Italy, where they are able to run almost a hundred degrees hotter than Undici’s, which runs at 700-800 degrees. Compared to commercial gas ovens that run at 500 or 550 degrees, the brick oven provides a whole other measure of heat and the slightest hint of smoky flavor.

In order to make the classic Naples-style pizza, Undici must keep the fire burning at the right temperature, no easy task. Since there’s no thermostat, Undici chefs have another way of testing the temperature. If the oven is too hot the pizza gets burnt and if it is too cold the pizza doesn’t properly rise or obtain the proper color.

“Getting the top heat and the bottom heat proper is a process that took 2,000 pizzas to get it right on this oven,” Rallo said.

Pizza all Napoletana NJ

Rallo is able to bring the type of pizza you would find while roaming the Italian countryside in Naples, the home of pizza, to your dinner plate at his Undici Restaurant. Undici successfully brings authentic Naples-style pizza, one of the best things you can eat, across the Atlantic. Undici pizza are circular pies that are inspired by one of the two popular types of pizza found in Italy, the ‘old-fashioned pizza Italia.’

Using only ‘la materiale prima’ or the best materials and ingredients for making Undici pizzas, Rallo sets the bar high. Classic San Marzano pureed plum tomato sauce, imported Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh basil, Italian flour, proscuitta di Parma, arugula, pecorino Romano cheese, and every other ingredient is picked because of its freshness and flavor.

Undici’s Italian pizza flour, perfect for cooking at high temperatures, is not bromated or bleached and contains no preservatives, caramel malt for color, or rising agents. The imported Buffalo mozzarella melts well in high heat and remains sharper and softer than other cheeses, perfect for the best pizza in New Jersey.

“A proper pizza is in a sense gourmet,” Rallo said. “It’s simple, but it’s gourmet.” Undici Restaurant makes pizza an art, just like it has been in Italy for centuries. Rallo successfully ups the quality of pizzas in America by making them truly Italian at heart.

To view Undici’s Italian inspired menu visit

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