Fans Can’t Stop Talking About the Best Pizza in NJ

Here at Undici Taverna Rustica in Rumson, we take our pizza seriously. Already a haven for Italian food lovers, Undici’s owner Victor Rallo set out to create the best pizza Napoletana in New Jersey.

Cooked in an all wood burning oven, the recipe for Undici’s pizza Napoletana was created with the help of pizza guru Anthony Mangieri. In a matter of a few short weeks, the best pizza in NJ was created in Rumson – pizza Napoletana.

The authentic pizza Napoletana is a huge success at Undici, with fans coming from all over NJ to get a taste of the Bianco, Margherita, Originale, or Filetti and Arugula e Prosiutto pizza. Each is made with fresh, authentic, all Italian ingredients and cooked in the all wood burning oven.

Here’s just a taste of what our customers are saying about our pizza Napoletana, the best pizza in NJ:

“Can I just say WOW about their pizza? Yes, it is WOW. The crust is pure perfection, cooked in a brick oven. Has just the right consistency, thin crust, with that great slight charred taste to it. I want to eat every bite of the crust each time!”
-Laura G., Woodbridge, NJ

“I was absolutely blown away by the superb flavor and terrific toppings. The pizza didn’t even have any cheese on it and its one of the best I’ve ever eaten, and I know pizza. I’ve worked in the past for five years as a pizza chef at another Italian restaurant. The entire pizza was delectable down to the crust, fresh with a hint of zesty spice, and best of all a great smokey flavor from the oven. Undici’s pizza is one of a kind and a must try!”
-Brian W., Lavellette, NJ

“It’s hard to find a pizza that has healthy, fresh ingredients, and is delicious too. At Undici, I had the most perfect Marguerita pizza ever.Thin crusted, perfect amount of basil and just enough mozzarella so it wasn’t overbearing.”
-Robin H., Rumson, NJ

Meet and Greet with Jacopo Poli Head of Poli Distillerie

Jacopo Poli

We are pleased to welcome the head of Grappa Poli Distillerie and renown grappa producer Jacapo Poli to Undici Taverna Rustica for a meet & greet, and bottle signing on

February 10th from 7-9pm.

Join us by the fireplace of Undici for this special meet and greet event with signed bottles of Jacapo Poli’s famous grappa on sale.

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About Jacopo Poli

Since 1898, the Poli family has been distilling pomaces to make Italy’s best grappa.  The spirit and family tradition of making grappa has been passed down for generations in the Poli family.  Now, over one hundred years later, Jacopo Poli continues the tradition of producing authentic grappa that his great-grandfather GioBatta Poli started.

“The actuality of the Poli style, a refined balance of character and elegance, is due to a modern use of the ancient copper pot still, composed by steam cauldrons working at discontinuous cycle, among the very few still existing in Italy.”

Click here to read more about the roots of Grappa Poli Distillerie

What is Grappa?

Although grappa may be unknown to some people in the United States, it is a beloved drink to the people of Italy.  According to Istituto Nazionale Grappa, (National Grappa Institute) grappa is defined as “the spirit produced from grape marc (i.e. from the skins of the grapes after they have been separated from the must or the wine) possibly with a percentage of wine lees. Raw materials must be obtained from grapes produced and processed in Italy, distilled in plants located in Italy and complying with well-defined requirements, as set forth by the regulations in force.”Grappa is rumored to have started when a soldier in ancient Rome used equipment smuggled from Egypt (Crisiopea Cleopatra) to distill grape marc.
So join us at the best restaurant in Rumson for everything authentically Italian from wine to cuisine, Undici Taverna Rustica.

Accademia del Vino Returns to Undici

The Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series is Back!

Accademia del Vino Winter Sessions

Tickets for the Accademia del Vino Wine Lecture Series must be purchased over the phone, and cannot be purchased online in any way.

Because of the tremendous demand for Accademia del Vino seats, reservations cannot be made for groups of more than four people.  The price per ticket is $39, plus tax and 10% gratuity.  Confirmation requires a credit card number that will be charged upon confirmation of your ticket purchase.  There will no refunds, however if you are unable to attend the session you purchased tickets for, we can apply your ticket purchase to a future session.